Yves Page, European Association for Accident Research & Analysis, France

When the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis, EVU, held its annual congress in Strasbourg from 26-28 October, 2022, we turned to Calliope-Interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretation of the presentations in three languages: French, English and German. Sergio Alvarez Rubio was in charge of the preparation, selection and coordination of the six interpreters who each interpreted into their own mother tongue. We sent them the technical and scientific articles a few weeks in advance and the presentations a few days ahead of the congress so that the interpreters could familiarise themselves with the topics to be covered in the conference (mainly accident reconstruction, driver behaviour, the biomechanics of collisions and data recorders).

We received excellent feedback from the conference participants about the simultaneous interpretation, given that many of them chose to listen to the presentations in their own language. Likewise, many of the speakers also chose to speak in their own language, unlike the usual practice in scientific conferences that are very often held solely and exclusively in English. All of the interpreters did an excellent job on a highly technical and at times very tricky subject. Even more so because the speakers had a tendency to speak fast.

The relationship with Sergio and the team he set up, as well as with the team leader, was smooth and easy. It was a real pleasure to work with them. We hope that the EVU will be able to keep collaborating with Calliope Interpreters even though it won’t be EVU France organising the conference next year.